We’ve probably all been there, just twiddling away on our phone and you either bump into something or get distracted and then all of a sudden….you drop your phone.  I urge most people NEVER to put in an insurance  claim on a damaged screen because you will end up paying more in just the deductible (usually $150) than it would to just get the screen replaced.  Also, if using insurance, you will receive a refurbished phone.  Many people who have gone that route will tell you some features of the phone will stop working after a few months, the most notably being the ear-speaker.

I mainly focus on Apple products because the screens are more affordable than the Samsung OLED screens, but there are exceptions.  iPhone repairs generally range from $70 – $110, it all depends on how new the phone is and if it’s the Plus model (6S Plus or 7 Plus).  iPad repairs generally range from $80 – $140.   Also, If you need your old battery replaced, I can swap it out with a brand new battery for $40.

Below are some before and after pictures of some previous work.

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